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San Juan River 2017 Special Guided Trips

Our Special Guided Trips are for flexible folks that are traveling solo or with just a few, but still want to get out on the river.  On the trip, our guide will load and unload group gear, make camp, cook meals, and would enjoy your help with it all.  This is along with showing and helping you on hikes to pictograph & petroglyph sites, a few ruins, and more.  There will be time for relaxing and private time, too. **One small disclaimer: We need a minimum of 4 paddlers to sign-up individually or as a whole to make this trip a go.  Group size will not be bigger than 10.  River crew refer to a trip like this as, a “mixed bag trip”.


san juan lower half1.) 3-day All Paddle Raft Trip on the upper half of the San Juan River (Sand Island to Mexican Hat) is an all-involved, you-assist-to-propel trip.  Cost for 3 days is $849 per person.


2.) 4-day All Canoe Trip on the upper half of the San Juan River (Sand Island to Mexican Hat) with one raft & gear.  This is the trip for the folks that have or want to work a canoe in Class II-III+ rapids.  Cost for 4 days is $949 per person.


San Juan Class 23.) 8-day All Canoe Trip on the upper and lower San Juan River (Sand Island to Clay Hills) in canoes with one raft & gear.  This is the trip for the folks that have or want to work a canoe in Class II-III+ rapids.  Cost for 8 days is $2,100 per person.


Launch Dates Available for 3, 4, or 8 Day Tours:

  • March 11th, March 12th, March 18th, March 19th, & March 25th
  • April 11th, April 26th, April 29th, & April 30th
  • May 15th & May 20th
  • June 7th, June 12th, June 18th, & June 25th
  • July 1st, July 16th, July 22nd, July 29th, & July 30th
  • August 6th, August 10th, August 14th, August 20th, & August 27th
  • September 2nd

If you are interested in a launch date not listed, please contact us with your request.


-Meals from lunch on the first day through lunch on the last day

-Dry bags


-Group boating and camping equipment, camp chairs, and the river toilet system


-Transportation to and from Bluff, Utah, or to and from Moab, Utah

-Personal camping equipment such as tents, sleeping pads, and sleeping bags (You can rent these from us.)

-Gratuities for the guide(s)

-Alcoholic beverages or soda (You are welcome to bring your own for camp.)

-Tax and government usage fees

By state law, all who go out on the river must be a minimum of 40 pounds in weight.  Additionally, children 12 years and younger must always wear a PFD on all Utah State waters.

To reserve your trip date and rental gear: Feel free to call, mail, or email us for date availability.  At this point, we will send out a trip packet with more information and a worksheet.  Everyone going on the trip must complete it and send it back to us with a $100 deposit (this is non-refundable).  If you have to cancel within 30 days of your trip, we will run your card for 50% of your booked reservation total.  If you cancel within 14 days of trip or are a “no show”, we will run the card for the whole amount of the reservation.  All reservation fees are due in full by the day of the trip.

Again, over the years of booking trips, we have to say that we know the river.  But, every trip is different.  The time of season, water levels, and much more, make the river fun all of the time!  Give us a call and we will be happy to see what kind of trip we can create for you!

  • It is our policy to reserve the right to cancel any trip at the last minute due to extreme and unsafe conditions such as high water (over 35,000 c.f.s.), fast-moving water, low water, cold, or high winds.  Should this occur, no money will be exchanged.  If conditions allow, we can/will postpone for a few hours or to the next day.
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Reservation Request

  • This form is for informational purposes only to help us create and schedule your requested trip. You are under no obligation. All reservations received will be confirmed by phone or e-mail. We NEVER share your information, period. Please, feel free to call us with questions if you prefer interacting with a human!

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