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Packing Checklist for Multi-Day Guided River Trips

Recommended that you bring…

Individual Water Bottles – everyone needs to have their own water bottle at hand.  We will have drinking water for the trip and you can refill, as needed.

A bandana or scarf

Sunglasses with a safety strap

Sunscreen & lip balm with sunscreen (Both will be appreciated by the end of your journey.)

Hat or visor (for sun protection, and with a tie down – helpful when running the rapids or on windy days)

River shoes (with ankle straps or support)

A note on footwear: All river shoes will get wet and maybe muddy, so an old pair of sport shoes will work well!

Neoprene socks/booties or rain boots

Hiking shoes – you may want to have a pair for day hikes or for around camp.  Flipflops can be worn around camp, but not while out on the water!

Day Dry Bag or Box if you want…

Camera & Spare Battery (Ziploc bag or other additional protection)

Binoculars if you like, but beware.  It is a sandy environment.

Journal or book (Don’t forget to bring a pen to write with!)

Extra pair of prescription glasses or contact lenses

Day Bag (things you will keep close at hand during the day)

Rain Gear – Even though this is the desert, it can rain at any time.

* A note about rain gear: a quality 2-piece rain suit is highly recommended throughout the season; pants and a jacket with a hood.  Ponchos are not recommended.  Select a good quality rain suit to ensure durability on the river.  It will be your outermost layer and protection from waves, spray, rain, and wind.

Sweatshirt, sweater, and/or warm jacket (fleece, pile, polyester, wool, or Primaloft) for cool mornings and evenings.  Down is light and warm, until it gets wet!  Avoid cotton.

Socks – wool is better than cotton, even in the summer.

Long sleeve shirt and long pants for sun protection (Cotton is only good for summer trips or around camp.)

Hat & Mittens:  For spring and fall nights – a lightweight ski or “watch cap” can be worn while sleeping for extra warmth!

Camp Dry Bag (things needed at camp)

Tent, sleeping bags, sheet, pillows, sleeping pads (Sleeping pads do not need to go into a dry bag.)

Flashlight with extra batteries and/or headlamp

T-shirts & shorts/Change of clothes while on trip made with quick-dry fabric works best!

Insect repellent, especially for July trips

Recommended Personal Items/Toiletries

Toothbrush and toothpaste


Hair tie, brush/comb

Medication, if needed

Small, quick dry towel or washcloth, hand towel, and beach towel

Biodegradable soap (i.e. Ivory or Dr. Bronner’s Pure Castile)

Handi wipes

And/or disposable moist towelettes, i.e. “baby wipes.”  They work well to clean you off at the end of the day; however, they make for more waste and must not be put in the river toilet.

Body lotion

Please, pack out everything you pack in.  Leave no trace of your stay!

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